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United Certification Systems LLC attracts contractors to work in new countries of presence. The working order with partners can be carried out in two ways: by means of a subcontract or by creating a joint venture.

Depending on the size of your enterprise and the scale of the market on which you work, you can choose the form of cooperation that fits to you.

Work on the basis of a subcontract is better for large companies with a relatively large market. To start certification activities, considerable capital is required for accreditation, in particular training of auditors. The company also incurs expenses for transport and accommodation of the Contractor's employees who conduct training for the Client's auditors; this type of expenses will also occur during the supervisory audits by the Contractor. In addition, the Client will have to pay royalty fee. However, all the income from the certification activity, in the amount of 100%, is received by the Client. In other words, large expenses in the beginning of foperating will decrease and pay off due to high demand for certification services.

Another format of partnership is the establishment of a joint venture. In rhis case, both sides act as equal partners, so all costs and incomes are divided in half (50/50). This partnership suits to not very large enterprises with medium-sized market, as the initial costs are significantly reduced.

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