Marine Certification


MSC / ASI certification

MSC is the abbreviation of the full name of Marine Stewardship Council, organization that developed labeling system for ecological products.

ASI – is the abbreviation of the full name of Aquaculture Stewardship Council; non-profitable independent international organization, that manages international certification scheme of aquaculture.


Certification of companies and marking of seafood with MSC/ASI label is developed to promote sustainable fishery and ecological supply of seafood and aquaculture.

  • -Increasing of profit due to higher demand for certified products
  • - The product quality standard well-known all over the world
  • - Increasing of company’s competitiveness
  • - Reputation of environmentally responsible business in society
3 700+

were certified against MSC Chain of Custody standards

25 000+

are marked with MSC label in 101 countries


fisheries in 34 states

About «Marine certification» LLC

Marine certification LLC is the subsidiary company of UCS in Russia, which is accredited as certification body that offers certification services to fisheries and seafood companies worldwide within the following scope:

  • MSC fisheries certification;
  • MSC / ASI single chain of custody certification;
  • MSC / ASI multi-site chain of custody certification;
  • MSC / ASI group chain of custody certification
  • MSC / ASI CFO chain of custody certification

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