What is GSTC?

GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) is a global independent organization registered in USA, which is developing standards of sustainable tourism for hotels, tour operators and destinations, it lets third party auditors to conduct the audits and issue appropriate certificates.

United Certification Systems LLC is currently going through accreditation process on GSTC system from ASI in order to carry out certification under the GSTC Criteria for hotels/accommodations and for tour-operators .

For whom is ?

GSTC certificate provides extra advantages to Hotels and Tour-operators in the frame of their operations. GSTC certificate ensures the sustainability of business activities and the due diligence.

Benefits of GSTC certification

  • GSTC certification allows your company to increase the long-term economic performance by developing the management system, which can manifest itself in the improvement of energy saving systems, water saving and so on;
  • Having a GSTC certificate issued by an accredited certification body means to comply with the highest social and environmental standards;
  •  GSTC certificate can be a significant indicator of compliance with your CSR policy.

  • Individual GSTC certification for hotels / tour-operators
  • Multi-site GSTC certification for hotels / tour-operators
  • Group GSTC certification for hotels /  tour operators.

Basing on the audit findings, the certificate is issued for 3 years. Certification assessment can be conducted for private as well as for government enterprises.

Why choosing United Certification Systems?
Global scope

International company with growing scope and geography of certification activity. 10 years in the market, 20 countries, 500 FSC/PEFC COC, around 100 FSC/PEFC FM, 7 MSC COC certificates. UCS is under the process of getting accreditation on GSTC and ASC.

Local Experts
Our auditors are locally based professionals with an experience in dealing with ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, FSC COC, FSC FM certification schemes and completion of the official GSTC Lead Auditor training

Fast speed of certificate issue

1 month between contract signing and certificate issue

Competitive audit cost

It is determined by size, location, activities and your company’s risk profile. Be sure you will get best price and service

Certification for sustainable tourism industry 
How to achieve?
TUI hotels

 are certified with a GSTC standards with the aim to have all hotels certified

GSTC criteria

for sustainable management of hotels / tour operators


Global Sustainabale Tourism Council is created