Forest Certification


FSC® is the abbreviation of the full name of Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is global independent organisation, which is developing standards of forest management, wood processing and production and entitling to third party auditors to conduct the audits and issue appropriate certificates.

PEFC is the abbreviation of the full name of Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, PEFC competes with FSC being one of the most popular forest certification schemes in the world.


FSC and PEFC certification aims at transformation of Forest management process all over the world for receiving better ecological, social and economic situation in forestry industry.

  • - Improving enterprise’s reputation at local and regional levels;
  • - Building up mutually beneficial relations with the locals and ecological organizations;
  • - Increasing of business asset capitalization (what is very important in the case of preparations of business for sale or consolidation);
  • - Entering into or providing a foothold in the ecologically sensitive markets (USA, EU, Japan, Australia);
  • - Enhancing the value of FSC certified products, this advantage is more obvious in front of the demand for certified raw materials at Chinese and Japanese markets;
  • - o Increasing investment attractiveness of logging business.
195 707

of certified forest worldwide


33 420

of FSC Chain of Custody

Forest Certification LLC

Forest certification LLC is the subsidiary company of UCS in Russia, which directly has FSC and PEFC accreditation.

By 2016 year in the world there exist only several audit companies, which have competencies in the matter of three schemes (FSC, PEFC) at the same time. One of these companies is FC, therefore at Russian and CIS market we have following advantages:

  • Best value of certification services;
  • Immediate decision-making upon certification (at least in two weeks)
  • Wide range of auditors across Eastern Europe and Russia;
  • Unique informational support system for the certificate holders.
More about FSC/PEFC service
Areas of certification

Forest Certification LLC is a certification body providing services in auditing the timber enterprises in Russia and all over the world under the following restrictions:

  • FSC Forest Management certification (FSC FM) – only in Russia, CIS
  • FSC Chain of Custody certification (FSC CoC) – worldwide
  • PEFC Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC FM) – only in Russia
  • PEFC Chain of Custody certification (PEFC CoC) – worldwide.

FC Management system allows for conducting FSC certification in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Individual FSC Forest Management certification (including multiple sites), except SLIMF certification
  • Group FSC Forest Management certification , except SLIMF certification
  • Individual FSC Chain of Custody certification
  • Group FSC Chain of Custody certification
  • Multi-site FSC Chain of Custody certification
  • FSC Controlled Wood in Forest Management certification against FSC-STD-30-010 standard requirements.
Type of certification

FC Management system allows for conducting PEFC certification of the following types:

  • Individual Forest Management certification in PEFC scheme
  • Regional Forest Management certification in PEFC scheme
  • Individual Chain of Custody certification in PEFC scheme
  • PEFC Chain of Custody certification for applicants with several areas.

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