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The entire certification process is not limited by a period of time, which depends on the readiness of enterprise for certification and the time needed for elimination of possible nonconformities before a certificate can be issued.

The certificate is issued for a period of 3 years, with the Client assuming the obligation to comply with the requirements of GSTC and UCS for the whole duration of its validity.

The GSTC certificate is owned by the certification body. The client is the holder of the certificate.

Your certificate compliance

UCS as a certification body will conduct a regular (at least every two years) assessment of the hotel / tour operator compliance with the conditions set up in the report and assess the overall dynamics of the Client's development in achieving sustainable tourism.

In case if the regular audit identifies 5 or more significant nonconformities, the Client's certificate will be suspended. The certificate may be also suspended due to the Client's failure to fulfill its financial obligations to UCS.